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Retainers are a lifetime commitment

To keep your smile looking its best, you will have to wear a retainer to preserve and stabilize your results. Retainers are needed to control or limit potential changes in tooth position. They are used after treatment to hold teeth in their correct alignment while the surrounding gums, bones, and muscles adjust to the new positioning of your teeth.

Please do

  • Remove retainers while eating or drinking anything other than water.
  • Keep retainers in a case at all times when not wearing them.
  • Wear retainers as instructed so that teeth don't shift.
  • Rinse and clean retainers after every use.
  • Continue to visit your general dentist regularly.

Please don't

  • Store retainers near or on any heat sources.
  • Wrap in a napkin.
  • Boil, microwave, or heat sterilize retainers.
  • Soak for a long time in cleaners.
  • Lose retainers.
  • Leave near any pets. They like to chew them up!

Count on Vivera retainers to last — just like your smile


  • Clear and virtually invisible
  • Custom-made for you
  • Made with the same state-of-the-art technology used to make Invisalign® clear aligners
  • Less likely to crack or break than other clear retainers
Please call for inquiries about Vivera retainers.

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