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What Sets Us Apart

The Holliday Orthodontics Philosophy

When you’re a patient at Holliday Orthodontics, you’ll be cared for as we’d care for a member of our family: with professionalism, compassion, and respect. Dr. Sean HollidayDr. Sherri Chong,  Dr. Todd Kimura, and Dr. Brad Chun understand the importance of having a healthy, beautiful smile. That’s why they’ll work with you to find the treatment solutions for your individual needs and circumstances.

Our team members promise you’ll never be another number on a chart to us. We thrive on developing lasting relationships with our patients, getting to know each on a personal level. Not only will we remember your name, we’ll remember your interests, passions, and dreams.

It’s a joy to spend our days helping our friends develop optimal oral health, along with straight teeth and confident smiles. We’d love to help you do the same.

Our Practice Environment

We’ve built our offices to be welcoming and comfortable. We’d like you to enjoy your visits, and are always glad to address any concerns you might have. This is a positive space, where you’ll be surrounded by laughter and smiles from the minute you arrive. We provide an iPad station for your use while you are in the reception area. Our patients tell us they like coming to see us and we know we like seeing them. We’re always swapping jokes and laughing with patients as they share stories of their adventures.

Along with a friendly atmosphere, ours is a high-tech practice, where we use technologically-advanced options for diagnosing, monitoring, and treating orthodontic issues. This ensures the most comfortable care, reduced treatment times, and the most accurate and beautiful smile results.

Confident Smiles for All Ages

Many people are under the mistaken impression that orthodontic care is only for children and teens. While it’s true that you most often see metal braces and colored bands on younger patients, a sizeable number of adults are also straightening their teeth. Today’s technology allows us to move teeth practically invisibly, through the use of clear aligners and brackets.

It’s likely that many people you know are undergoing orthodontic treatment right now, only you can’t see the braces or aligners. What you likely notice, though, is that they’re smiling more often and with greater confidence. We would love to help you develop the amazing smile you’ve always wanted, too!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Before committing to orthodontic care, it’s important to know your treatment options and find an office where you feel at home. We invite you to call and schedule a complimentary orthodontic consultation at our Pearl City, Kailua, Honolulu, or Kahala office. Come in, meet the doctors and team, receive a free initial exam, and learn how we can help you achieve your smile dreams!

our patients love us

“Orthodontic treatment is not at all hard or painful. In fact all I needed to do was wear the Invisalign and that was about it. The instructions were clear and simple, the office staff made it fun & comfortable. Thanks to this, my teeth are straight.” ~ Tim P.

“My experience with braces was fantastic. Before I got them I didn’t feel very confident that I would be responsible with my braces or know enough to not feel nervous about getting them. Yet they reassured me that the process could go great and they answered my constant questions with smiles.” ~ Kaitlyn B.

“Invisalign really works... If you hate the hassle of braces then Invisalign is truly the best thing for you. 6 out of 5 stars, hands down. I highly recommend Invisalign for anyone who wants the best results in the most comfortable and convenient way possible.” ~ Matthew G.

“I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my smile. After all, I had the smile all my life. The gap, from my mom and the overbite from my dad. My teeth began to shift at age 37, and a referral was made for braces... The results were phenomenal! I received compliments in a daily basis. My smile is better, brighter, and most of all my X-ray looks like a human instead of a horse, LOL!” ~ Montreal P.

“The Invisalign experience has been phenomenal! Initially I was worried about pain or discomfort. However, there was no pain and discomfort was at a minimum. Dr. Holliday and his staff took care of me wonderfully. This has far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Dr. Holliday and Invisalign!” ~ Gary Y.

“My overall experience was great. Everyone was very professional. They treated me great. I also got great results.” ~ Bradley A.

“Words can’t express how thankful I am for my new (and improved) smile… Mahalo Dr. Holliday and girls for treating me so great! Thanks a bunch. ~ Damien A.

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