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For Military

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Holliday Orthodontics would like to thank service members of the military and their families for  their sacrifices and efforts to make the world a proud and safe place to live. We offer orthodontic options that help certain active duty members continue their position without restrictions.

To show our appreciation, we happily serve military active duty members and their dependents at all locations to achieve a healthy and confident smile they have always wanted.


Holliday Orthodontics accepts benefits from Metlife Tricare.  At your appointment we will verify eligibility and it will be presented to you in your complimentary consultation.


We understand that there is a possibility that you or your dependent may be transferring in or out of  our office mid-treatment. This will not be a problem, living in a military based community our goal is to make the process as efficient as possible.

Transferring In:

We accept out of island transfers. For patients who transfer in we try our best to continue treatment from your previous orthodontist. If you have photos/x-rays and paperwork from your previous orthodontist,  please bring them with you or a digital copy may be sent to our office. This will help make the initial exam much more conclusive in providing excellent patient care.

Transferring Out:

We hate to see patients go, but we understand. In the event that you would have to leave our office mid-treatment, we will provide necessary documents for your transfer and offer a list of orthodontists in the area of transfer. Oftentimes financial arrangements are made in accordance with treatment completed upon your departure from the office. We put in every effort into finishing your treatment before you PCS. Please notify the office as soon as you know of PCS status.


We have service members that deploy mid-treatment. In many cases we try our best to continue treatment or offer other options to help aid treatment during deployment situations. Although each case is unique we understand and work together to make sure we get you back on track to achieve a beautiful healthy smile.

our patients love us

“Orthodontic treatment is not at all hard or painful. In fact all I needed to do was wear the Invisalign and that was about it. The instructions were clear and simple, the office staff made it fun & comfortable. Thanks to this, my teeth are straight.” ~ Tim P.

“My experience with braces was fantastic. Before I got them I didn’t feel very confident that I would be responsible with my braces or know enough to not feel nervous about getting them. Yet they reassured me that the process could go great and they answered my constant questions with smiles.” ~ Kaitlyn B.

“Invisalign really works... If you hate the hassle of braces then Invisalign is truly the best thing for you. 6 out of 5 stars, hands down. I highly recommend Invisalign for anyone who wants the best results in the most comfortable and convenient way possible.” ~ Matthew G.

“I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my smile. After all, I had the smile all my life. The gap, from my mom and the overbite from my dad. My teeth began to shift at age 37, and a referral was made for braces... The results were phenomenal! I received compliments in a daily basis. My smile is better, brighter, and most of all my X-ray looks like a human instead of a horse, LOL!” ~ Montreal P.

“The Invisalign experience has been phenomenal! Initially I was worried about pain or discomfort. However, there was no pain and discomfort was at a minimum. Dr. Holliday and his staff took care of me wonderfully. This has far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Dr. Holliday and Invisalign!” ~ Gary Y.

“My overall experience was great. Everyone was very professional. They treated me great. I also got great results.” ~ Bradley A.

“Words can’t express how thankful I am for my new (and improved) smile… Mahalo Dr. Holliday and girls for treating me so great! Thanks a bunch. ~ Damien A.

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